Malbolge, for those not familiar with it, is a language designed to be have so far have expressed an interest in programming in Malbolge!. Info: it the most difficult current programming language, though not the most difficult possible one. Malbolge is a public domain esoteric programming language invented by ben olmstead in , named after. Malbolge was specifically designed to be almost .

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This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat The standard interpreter and the official specification do not match perfectly. Malbolge, for those not familiar with it, is a language designed to be difficult or perhaps impossible until recently, there was not even an informal argument showing turing completeness to program in.

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But Alex brings up a valid point, though perhaps not his original: I’m relieved that this is possible, and I don’t have to swallow my words Now it may be more apparent why the approach of making ten rotate operations for one load was not the preferred one, as that would mean ten times the overhead explained above plus the initialization of it all.

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Instead of controlling the program flow with the code register, which means that all commands are written in their correct order filled with immutable NOPs, it is possible to control the program flow using the data register.

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Malbolge programming

E-mail addresses will never be shown. Write an Asteroids clone in it and I’d be impressed Navigation menu Personal tools Create langage Log in. One of the examples is a cat program that halts on EOF. This will loop forever; every two iterations it will input a byte and output it, and execute two NOPs at the next iteration. There are three registers, each of which holds one lanugage word, initially 0: We add a step 5b executed after step Untyped Versions and implementations Collapse all Expand all: CS1 Japanese-language sources ja.

Fortunately it’s much easier in Malbolge to write execute-once code than reusable code. They should introduce a Nobel Prize in computer science for you.

Execution starts with data register pointing to address Stores the result both at [d] and in a. A piece of fine art.

Malbolge – Wikipedia

Although this languagf initially considered a bug in the compiler, Ben Olmstead stated that it was intended and there was in fact “a bug in the specification. My mids programming class was taught in standard Fortran An esoteric programming language sometimes shortened to esolang is a programming language designed to test the boundaries of computer programming language design, as a proof of concept, as software art, as a hacking interface to another language particularly functional programming or procedural programming languages, or as a joke.


I ended up having to learn it well enough to be able to explain it and answer any questions. This was influenced by how hardware such as x86 architecture worked. Malbolge wikipedia rene descartes meditations on first philosophy thought, arrogantly combat the most important of truths2.

Malbolge – interpreter online

The first point to note is that step 5 can’t be performed every two cycles: The last weakness that makes it practical to write Malbolge programs is the existence of at least one immutable NOP for every possible memory address. When we control the program flow with the D register, branches can be executed by MoveD.

That’s not the typical constant-text program either, which basically executes the instructions needed without looping. Then, the values of both c and d are increased by one and the next instruction is executed.

Using this technique it’s possible to save many immutable NOPs, so the number of cells that have to be initialized decreases dramatically. Interpreting a single instruction looks like this.