Gnostics have always sought to “know” rather than to accept dogma and doctrine, often to their peril. This inquiry into Gnosticism examines the character, history. Jacques Lacarrière was a French writer, born in Limoges. He studied moral philosophy, Durrell featured Gnosticism as a plot element in the novels of his The Avignon Quintet ( to ). He also wrote a “Foreword” to the English. JACQUES LACARRIERE. The Gnostics. Foreword by. LAWRENCE DURRELL. Translated from the French by. NINA ROOTES.

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While lacarrirre next two parts of the book centre around Gnosticism’s historical origins and developments, it remains loaded with sentiment exemplified by the above, which to me seems appropriate: Durrell featured Gnosticism as a plot element in the novels of his The Avignon Quintet to Thanks for telling us about the problem. And he maintains that this is in some ways comparable to our contemporary alienation under capitalism. A wonderful essay on the life and times of this religious movement that lacarrieere the christian world for a few centuries.

Virginia Anness rated it liked it Dec 03, Dec 28, Yannis Theodossis rated it really liked it. Overall, it was ok.

Is this dark shore, this tenebrous issue, this interstitial shadow wherein the stars seem pricked like incandescent pores, constituted of matter or of space? One thousand kilometers by foot across France. Andy rated it really liked it Sep 06, And o This book is a lyrical meditation on ancient gnosticism as the ‘betrayal’ of the physical cosmos. The Highroads of Samaria. Andrew Donnachie rated it it was amazing Jul 09, I considered it one of my favorite books back then and had recommended it to a number of friends.


The several kacarriere religions born in the wake of the Agricultural Revolution and consequent rise of Empire cannot hope to speak to a world in which Lacarrierw has become an Effective Power.

I include this book in my list of books of reading for insomnia – a sort of collection of books which come to my mind when I think of that liminal space between dreaming and being barely This is the second time I’ve read this book; the first time was about a decade ago.

Gnostics have always sought to “know” rather than to accept dogma and doctrine, often to their peril. It is beautifully written. His body was cremated and his ashes scattered in Greecein the waters off the island of Spetses. The Purity of the Mountains.

Jacques Lacarrière

Lacarriere has heavyweight fans like Lawrence Durrell and Marguerite Yourcenar. It hangs over use like a veil, a wall of shadow encircling the earth, a tenebrous dome through which appear, here and there, through chinks, faults and gaps, the glittering fires of another world. Man is a mirror in which one can discover the reduced and condensed image of the sky, a living universe carrying within him, in his body and in his psyche, fires and dark shores, zones of shadows and of light.

Towards a New Gnosticism.

The Gnostics by Jacques Lacarrière

So, in this simple look directed at the celestial vault, the Gnostics find themselves confronted with the ultimate nature of reality: Lacarrriere is less squeamish about tackling the Gnostics often bizarre ritualistic practices as they come down to us through their Christian opponentsand he makes a decent case in rescuing their complex ideology from being that as simply ‘world hating’. An impossible undertaking which was done reasonably well. May 26, Steve rated it it was amazing.

To ask other readers questions about The Gnosticsplease sign up. Not so much a scholarly work, but a poetic meditation on the gnostics.


Jacques Lacrarriere was a French writer who studied philosophy and classic literature and was known for his work as a critic, journalist, and essayist.

Selected pages Ghostics Page. The Axial Age Religions arose as a response to this. For our purposes here, let us say that the Traditionalist maintain that the Truth that all the Great Religious Traditions point to is unsurpassable, and thus they, and only they, are the bearers of Truth.

The Gnostics : Jacques Lacarriere :

History has made every attempt to destory all records of the gnostic belief. Books that reveal a lacarrierd light into the everyday. This inquiry into Gnosticism examines the character, history, and beliefs of a brave and vigorous spiritual quest that originated in the ancient Near East and continues into the present day. Aug 05, Nick Mather rated it it was amazing. This article is about the writer. Lacarriere nicely conveys the alienated horror the ancient Gnostics felt for the world around them.


The Gnostics

Lacarriere is particularly well informed about the various currents and undercurrents of Gnosticism, and their perennial importance for the religious and the mystic mind. Lawrence Durrell writes, “This is a strange and original essay, more a work of literature than of scholarship, though its documentation is impeccable.

I’ve sited this book in more than on paper. Fascinating attempt at understanding Gnosticism via tracing it back to basic phenomenological experiences. Published January 1st by City Lights Publishers first published