Juni Einzelunternehmen, so ist deren Umsatz zusammenzurechnen. Für alle anderen Einzelunternehmen ist der Eintrag freiwillig (HRegV 36). HRegV. Commercial register regulation of 17 October Hrsg. Administrative practice of tax authorities (Verwaltungspraxis der Bundesbehörden). VStG. (). companies limited by shares is available at .ch/ch/d/sr/chtml (art. 78 HRegV [Commercial Register Ordinance]).

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Nonresidents are taxed on Swiss employment income, business profits and profits attributable to Swiss immovable property. Show all entries Hide all entries Cost of incorporation, including first year servicing Cost of nominee director services per year, including an apostilled set of documents Cost of nominee shareholder services per year, including an apostilled set of documents Cost of annual service, starting from the second year Open account in Incorporation timescale for a turnkey company weeks Country The minimum number of shareholders of a Hergv Limited Liability Company is 1 and the maximum is unlimited.

Foundations are subject to supervision by the community federal, cantonal and municipal to which they belong according to their designation. Shelf companies permitted Legal system Incorporation timescale for a turnkey company Cyrillic alphabet permitted in company name Local registered hregf No. A personnel welfare foundation is often chosen as a vehicle for pension funds that serve as a continuation of living standards after retirement. Other cantons do not follow the inheritance road but focus on whether the beneficiaries have substantial influence over the hregg assets.

The Foundation Council assumes all competences which are not expressly delegated to another body either in the Foundation Charter or in the respective regulations. Oktober Stand am 1. The implementation of a Swiss Foundation is more complex than to set up a Hreyv in the Principality of Liechtenstein.



In addition it cannot have any lucrative business involvement and the range of beneficiaries cannot be limited. The exercise of certain professions or the establishment of specific businesses may, however, require special licenses or diplomas.

Under the Swiss tax code, taxpayers must provide evidence about their transfer prices within set deadlines, upon request by the tax administration. It is prohibited to copy, distribute including the copying of information to the other sites and internet resources or use the information and materials in any other way without prior written permission of copyright owner.

Hregv admin pdf

They are not subject to a regulatory authority, under reservation of public law. The foundation is entered into the commercial registry based on the Foundation Charter and indicating the members of the Foundation Council. Any amount distributed to the beneficiary is subject to income tax unless made out of tax free capital gains or capital. Operating a com mercial business as sole owner Trade, manufacturi ng or other activities pursued in accordance with commercial principles hregv admin pdf In most cantons the tax rate is zero if the heirs are direct descendants of the settlor.

Losses admmin be carried forward for seven fiscal years and may be used against any capital gains or income.

Hregv admin pdf

The tax return must be filed in principle within six months from the closing date. Details Capital gains are included in taxable profits and subject to normal corporate income tax. In practice, some tax authorities, however, do not grant the tax exemption if the settlor set up the trust shortly before he immigrated to Switzerland and declare such a pre-immigration structuring as a tax evasion.


Our management team combines professional experience of many years. The Swiss Foundation law does not recognize any possibility of reassignment, which would allow the founders after a certain period to claim back the amount contributed into the foundation or parts thereof. Swiss withholding tax paid on income arising on trust assets mainly interest and dividends will generally only be refundable to Swiss resident persons whom such assets are being attributed to settlor or beneficiary.

In general, no withholding tax is levied on interest.

It must be deposited in a Swiss bank blocked account for company foundation. The maximum applicable cantonal tax burden varies significantly from canton to canton: Services and documents In brief In detail Legal system.

The nominal capital must be fully paid-in upon incorporation. Exports of goods and services are, in principle, zero-rated. Hregv admin pdf Legal system The legal system of Switzerland is based on civil law system. Federal Act on VAT.