Nonexclusive, royalty-free permission is granted to government and private sector .. Advice to consult the SMACNA HCVA Air Duct Leakage Test Manual was. l Guide For Free Standing Steel Stack Construction SMACNA’s new app for its flagship manual HVAC Duct Construction Standards—Metal & Flexible. SMACNA-HVAC Duct Construction Standards. SMACNA – HVAC Air Duct Leakage Test Manual. SMACNA SMACNA Members click here for free drawings.

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It gives guidance in understanding these synthetic materials, as well as assistance in determining their strengths, corrosion resistance and advantages over other materials.

The process works effectively for projects both large and small, simple as well as complex.

It presents accepted industrial practices for the application of sheet metal lagging to industrial duct, pipe, tanks, boilers, furnaces and other accessories. Sheet Metal Welding Guide This publication and the wealth of information it contains are intended to assist contractors, estimators and shop supervisors in profitably managing the welding activity in a sheet metal shop.

Let us help you by getting the information you need! Separate chapters are devoted to the different levels of commissioning, including basic, comprehensive and critical system commissioning.

Also available in metric. This comprehensive book covers mechanical vibration, acoustical design of mechanical systems, sound generation and attenuations associated with ducts and fittings, mechanical equipment sound and vibration specifications and inspections, plus sound and vibration instrumentation and measurements. Items of special interest include performance contracting, CFC refrigeration regulation, and new automation system open protocols.

Need a leg up on the competition? It covers the simple, low or moderate temperature and pressure or vacuum indoor systems as well as the more complex outdoor systems that operate at moderate to high temperature and pressure or vacuumand are subject to higher and more complex external loading.

Achieving uniqueness in building construction should start at the top. It includes example projects, tables, references, resources, and checklists. It is an updated product that provides a source of the labor units data required to fabricate and install HVAC materials and equipment. Covers round long-seam and spiral duct from 4 in. Also covered are forced air heating, heat pumps, automatic control thermostats, flues and sound and vibration.


Technical Resources

This new publication updates the Guide for Steel Stack Construction, second edition, incorporating text and tables. They address all facets of the business, from duct construction and installation to indoor air quality and air pollution gree, from energy recovery to roofing. A majority of drawings are to scale. Technical standards and manuals developed by SMACNA members have worldwide acceptance by the construction and code community, as well as local and national government agencies.

Provides building owners, facility managers, contractors, and system designers with the tools needed to evaluate an existing facility for energy savings potential. Other chapters include guidelines for developing welding procedures, controlling weld quality, estimating, hiring and training welders and welder certification pages.

Duct System Calculator This calculator, complete with detailed instructions, enables HVAC system designers to design an average duct system without additional references. The rates in this manual are intended as guidelines paralleling amounts an equipment owner should charge during rental or contractual periods to recover equipment-related costs on a single-shift basis. maanual

As alternatives to table use, the publication has a manual calculation procedure using equations and fully developed examples, and offers optional calculation software. Reprint of Ed. Time-saving IAQ tracking forms freee be modified to meet specific contractor needs. This completely revised publication contains the most comprehensive set of recommended practices available for proper design and installation of custom-fabricated architectural sheet metal including roof drainage system design for scuppers, gutters and downspouts.

It also includes sample reports and timesaving pre-start and start-up checklists. Blowpipe sections cover design, layout, construction and equipment. Guide for Free-Standing Steel Stack Construction Contractors, designers, and engineers will find this guide a very valuable resource, as tables containing hundreds of stacks are detailed and ready to go.

The page book is an authoritative resource that design engineers, industrial engineering departments, pollution control authorities, FRP manufacturers, and installation contractors can use for the proper selection, manufacture, and installation of FRP duct systems. The manual shows how very low- and very high-risk areas of the country can be accommodated. Methods to identify and remediate lead, asbestos, or other materials that are classified as hazardous materials are not intended to be within the scope of this standard.

To order a manual, please complete smacnq appropriate form and email mxnual Bekky. Sealants, moisture transfer methods and air leakage are also covered. Make a Technical Inquiry.


This handsome publication contains a collection of system design data and graphic illustrations, including pattern layouts representing the best-known practices in the industry that have been proven over a period of years. When choosing a roofing style, many architects choose custom fabricated metal roofs. Contractors will find this book a valuable resource to provide owners or facility managers along with the standard building completion documents.

Included are new tables for stainless steels and aluminum, plus expanded chapters on materials, welding practices, and a guide specification. Use of these tested and smacma sample forms and specification will save hours of valuable time. The standard is applicable for construction using uncoated steel, galvanized and stainless steels and a limited range of aluminum ducts. A written safety and health program is essential to many project bid documents.

SNIPS – October 10, 2010

SMACNA standards and manuals address all facets of the sheet metal and HVAC industry — including duct construction and installation, indoor air quality, energy mabual, roofing and architectural sheet metal, welding, and commissioning. Guyed Steel Stacks-Welded Lockseam Construction The first edition of the Guyed Steel Stack manual is devoted exclusively to vertical, uniform diameter guyed stacks with welded longseam or spiral lockseam fabrication for at-grade or penetrated roof installations.

This webinar presentation on duct air leakage will define what duct air leakage is and how it relates to equipment air leakage, accessory air leakage, and HVAC system air leakage.

Individual chapters detail system information for controls, multizone, dual duct, terminal reheat, variable air volume, induction and special applications such as dedicated outside air and thermal energy storage. In addition to generic detail drawings, design data and the appendixes will help users adapt the drawings to local climate and project conditions. Mamual and designers are encouraged to use this invaluable resource to assure that their specifications reflect professionally vetted design details.

Contractors interested in new opportunities will find market entry guidance and ideas to assist them in the development of new business strategies that target the renovation of existing buildings. It applies to the commercial, industrial and institutional markets.