The FOCCUS is **not **a test, it’s an instrument. The instrument does not have right or wrong answers. Being honest is essential in whether or. We’re taking the Foccuss prep test this Saturday and I’m really nervous! Should I be?! Help!. I took the foccus test and based on the questions, since there aren’t like “wrong answers,” because a lot of them are like “we have discussed,” or “I am.

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Now you have huge conversation points to discuss. Catholic Weddings New Discussion. The guy did say that it was pretty high for what they normally see and almost implied that we may have looked at the test ahead of time. I answered Uncertain a lot which turns out not to be good. I have HUGE issues with the Catholic church to the point I dispise going to church and listening to the crap they preach.

FOCCUS | Pre-Marriage Inventory Frequently Asked Questions

questionz Already have an Account? The editions are written for those who read at a 6th grade reading level except for the Alternate and Abridged Edition, which are more simplified. I sometimes feel that this may not be the right person for me to marry. Also, if you live together, there are like an extra 20 questions! There are additional sections for co-habiting couples and interfaith couples. What questtions we think coming into it? I had this religion pushed down my throat for years.

It asked questions like, “Do you have a problem with your partners gambling habits? Email required Address never made public. I dont feel that its any of their bees wax.


I am nervous for my future spouse to see me without my clothes on. We have decided how we will share specific responsibilities in managing our finances.

I don’t expect them to change their beliefs to match mine, so they should not expect me to change to match theirs.

Might be worth a shot. June I have zero knowledge of the Catholic church, but I wanted to just give a comment here as well from my experience in pre-marital counseling — my pastor came right out and said that he did NOT like marrying young people!

After the initial reaction, I realized that this was just a starting point for discussion and that we really should talk through the issues.

I agree to receive emails from the site. My future spouse and I have discussed what roles we expect from each other. Afterwards, the results are shredded because they don’t want you ruminating over the questions To find out more, quwstions how to control cookies, see here: The whole questioons taking the test, having it scored, and talking to the priest probably took about an hour.

The survey went from 1 will we have children 2 how will we spend our money to 3 will there be a television in the bedroom.

I sometimes feel that questionw may not be the right person for me to marry. But we had already talked about most of those things — heck, some of them we talked about before we even started dating. We took the test and surprisingly, our deacon and sponsor couple said afterwards that they don’t even look at it at all. You get a scantron and there were questions in total but you skip the last few parts which they called ‘special parts’.


(Closed) FOCCUS Test

A lot of it was about sharing space, learning argument styles, when the partner needs alone time, etc. I am worried that my future spouse will expect me to perform sexual acts that make me uncomfortable. I can withdraw my consent at any time by unsubscribing. I am concerned that in-laws may interfere in our marriage relationship. My family goes to church etc, but if one sunday it doens’t happen, no big deal.

This site uses cookies. We haven’t done this part yet but I already talked to my uncle our priest and he said that is what we are going to do. Working with a trained FOCCUS Facilitator enables effective couple discussion and problem solving and helps the couple examine and understand the relationship categories and patterns.

Going into the test questionnaire, I know that Em was a little nervous. As many of you know, Dr.

Sep 02, Bibliophile is right – read carefully. Why are you trying to marry someone that believes in a church you would say this about? I certainly do NOT, but I lied and said yes. This site uses cookies. What does scoring cost? DH fmaily on the other hand plans their lives around what mass to go to. October Well we got our results last night and we have a lot of differences.

We disagree with each other over some teachings of the church. JackieDe 8 years ago Wedding: We actually discussed in the same meeting that we took it.