Labedz i zlodzieje: Elizabeth Kostova: Books – Łabędź i złodzieje by Elizabeth Kostova is on tosia’s read shelf. Elizabeth Johnson Kostova (born December 26, ) is an American author best known for her debut novel The Historian.

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It is nothing more than a glorified travel brochure. Elizabeth Kostova, while no doubt being a very well off person who went to the best schools for writing, has nevertheless spent a long time researching and writing The Historian with the resulting book being little about vampires and undead and more about books and history and researching and following the trail; its an academic adventure novel.

I confess to being initially reluctant to delve into this story, I mean who really needs another campy, vampire tale? What a wonderfully well researched book for historical fictions fans.

Elizabeth Kostova – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

I know you are young and stupid, but you are not that stupid. A bat flitters across a night sky. I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP; it is not being reprinted here illegally. His father was called Vlad Dracul, which is where that name comes from. Along the way he meets a mysterious Romanian woman also searching for Rossi, a noble Turkish Scholar, various priests and numerous villains. My study also served me for a sitting room, and I made sure it was kept as orderly and comfortable as the solidity of its nineteenth-century furnishings demanded.


The other historical events in the book are real ones, carefully researched, although the twentieth-century characters are fictional. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. You will change jobs.

The Swan Thieves But at this point, you are expecting something grand and wonderful. The story follows three generations of the same family and little by little their own history is shown to be interwoven with that of Vlad the Impalers.

The daughter stumbles upon an old book that, like the VHS tape in The Ringbrings nothing but trouble to the reader.

If the author of the quote had been a man, I would encourage him to openly write gay characters rather than making his characters marry to hide their sexuality. I also needed to conquer this book because I wanted to figure out why so many people, good friends of mine included, loved this book.

This is my favorite book of ALL time from any genre! I wish Brien had read the book at the same time as I did, I would liked to have talked to him about it.

That is why I throw my caution out there. Kostova has a lovely, zodziejs Victorian style of writing. I enjoyed the polished, almost Victorian prose, which seemed in character with the setting of the book, though of course not all modern readers enjoy such a detached style.


Consider this rather late passage: However, others have been carefully compiled from snippets of real life in what remains Europe’s least known corner.

Late one night, exploring her father’s library, a young woman finds an ancient book and a cache of yellowing letters.

Books — Elizabeth Kostova

A lot of time has passed since then. A fascinating journey into Communist Bulgaria, Dracula’s Romania, kostva lesser known corners of Slovenia and Croatia, subterranean Istanbul and kotova more, this book is essential to understanding both Elizabeth Kostova’s novels and Eastern Europe itself.

You’re in for a treat! One even takes an entire chapter. Not because I’m interested in vampires, but because I served my mission in Romania and was interested in Vlad himself.

Labedz i zlodzieje

I’d say the blurb is rather deceptive, though, because exciting, nailbiting stuff this is not. But this one just plodded and plodded along. This has got to be one of the most disappointing books I’ve read in a long time. Many things will happen in the years that have elapsed before you become the me of today.