Path: /eico/b/. This is the BAMA archive. These manuals are available for download and free of charge. I am now accepting new manuals for inclusion in this. DESCRIPTION. Your new EICO Model Resistance-Capacitance-. Comparator Bridge, was designed to measure practically all resistances and capacitances. The article currently covers the EICO series, PACO C, Knight KG, Heathkit C-2 and C-3, etc. (More models will be added on an ongoing basis as I.

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I had a hard time getting those film caps but managed to get them finally. Jun Mon 17, 8: More models will be added on an ongoing basis as I find the time.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Create proper habits, and you will not find out what your teeth fillings really taste like. Wico a This unit was working when I received it. PF was added to these testers years ago before high efficiency electrolytics came around, and servicemen noticed bad filters tended to get hot. The think Eifo love the most about this capacitor tester is that you don’t have to hold push buttons in to do a leakage test on electrolytic capacitors.

After verifying the schematics, the first test was the tube test, with just the heater power. All of these models are almost identical in functionality and circuitry. I replaced 3 capacitors 2 didn’t. Mine 905b an internal short in the value potentiometer and took out a winding eio the transformer. As the pointer dial approaches balance point, first the overlapping disappears and eventually the entire target area of the eye tube is completely open dark.

From date codes, this unit was made in ’63; but, it seems that this model was made for many years.


Vintage EICO Resistance Capacitance Comparator Bridge Model 950B

The next step was to do a complete physical inspection, look for broken parts, shorts, missing cables, broken connectors and so on. What it means, what to look for, etc. You NEED precision reference capacitors to achieve an accurate capacitor tester. I use my B eio entertainment after a re-cap project.

Before replacing the ones currently installed, I’ll double check the accuracy of the instrument. Email required Address never made public. During component value testing, the magic eicp tube serves as the null-indicator.

If you don’t have another way to test, a cap that reads higher than it should on your digital meter may be perfectly okay but at the limits of its tolerance, or it may be mismarked, or it may actually be defective, but you won’t be able to tell which is the case!

Exceeds expectations in every detail – restoration beyond actual eras original accuracy – thx u.

Since I have a digital capacitance meter, this is really not a big deal; but, I still like my equipment to be right. Even if you are familiar with solid state electronics, do not try this unless you really understand the risks involved with working on Vacuum Tubes and High Voltage DC and know the safety procedures to follow.

But was lucky it was just the pot. Jun Tue 18, 4: The EICO B, the resistance capacitance bridge and the capacitor leak tester — I do have other tiny things that can measure capacitance, but nothing compares to this one, or the Heathkit or a high voltage DC capacitor leak tester. They should only be used by knowledgeable technicians. Otherwise, it’s in great cosmetic shape. Books Support This Site: You can see the first light up, after so many years, still on 60V power.


Eico: eico model 950b bridge construction

Knowing no better, I replaced a couple caps in the bridge circuit with orange drops. This is how pristine it looked when I picked it up. This site uses cookies.

I have recapped and redone some wiring and retubed the unit. Mine tops out at VDC.

Vintage EICO Resistance Capacitance Comparator Bridge Model B | eBay

I definitely need to get the 5W 10K wire wound pot from eBay. Often Eico custom eick the face plates with the eco of the school. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: These models use a balanced bridge that measures capacitance from 10mmf up to mf and resistance from 0.

This unit was working when I received it. I have put in a new power cord, a new y-capacitor and replaced all the electrolytic ones. Jun Sun 16, 4: Eicp thing to note is a bridge is much more certain than a handheld digital capacitance meter for “mystery caps. Sometimes, in the process of looking for something, you come across a few folks, who possessed a wide spectrum of skills and abilities.

It’s quite accurate for resistance and capacitance measurement given the limitations, certainly good enough for radio repair.

For a moment I saw it through the eye tube glass. Jun Sun 16, 9: If the eye tube gives a full degree shadow with eco, sharp edges with the pointer within a few percent of the correct values, the bridge capacitors are okay and nothing will be gained by changing them.

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