Dark Lord of Derkholm. Darklordofderkholm. Attribution. Author, Diana Wynne Jones. Cover Artist, Jos A. Smith. Publication information. Publisher, US. A description of tropes appearing in Dark Lord of Derkholm. A Young Adult fantasy novel by Diana Wynne Jones, set in the world described in her meta- . In a career spanning four decades, award-winning author Diana Wynne Jones ( ‒) wrote more than forty books of fantasy for young readers.

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Books Read in 2, The Dark Lord of Derkholm is a fantastic story, it’s really funny, too. Read more Read less. Sep 20, Miss Clark rated it it was ok Shelves: The ending almost disappointed me too, but then I put into perspective the type of book I was reading. I love that she’s not afraid to make good characters feel jealous of other good characters who are stronger, smarter, etc.

I probably would’ve rated this a 2-star read for most of the book, but I liked the ending. And Scales the dragon was great. Don’t have a Kindle? The magic system and the politics are kinda fun, and Derk’s magic is great. But still it didn’t quite work. The Chronicles of Chrestomanci, Volume 1: It’s ruining their economy. The year in which the story begins features the Wizard Derk having been chosen to become this year’s archetypal Dark Lord.

Dark Lord of Derkholm | Diana Wynne Jones Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

It starts off with our two heroes, Derk and his son Blade, being introduced; arguing with each other as they will from time to time throughout the book.

Fantasyland is overrun by tourists expecting to go on quests and slay this year’s Dark Lord: Unfortunately, though, the next two people they see are the Wizard Derk, who is middle-aged, friendly, and very good at what he does which happens to be blending genetic engineering with magic to create hybrid animalsand his fourteen-year-old son, Blade.

I still had some problems with this book: Refresh and derholm again. I really liked a lot of the ideas in this the main idea of a world being adrk from a villain in another and forced to run magical adventure tourist guides is rather fabulousbut somehow it dind’t hang together entirely for me.


This was a book that I loved so much growing up lor I was actually quite nervous to re-read it as an adult. The Chronicles of Chrestomanci, Vol. Better yet, what if you could go on a quest to overthrow aforesaid dark lord? Other books in the series. Every year a wizard is chosen to be the Dark Lord for a series of tourist parties from Earth arranged by the villainous bean counter Mr Chesney, a position of great importance as you’re responsible for keeping the entire planet lorx to service the tourists or face death by Chesney’s pocket demon.

Dekrholm people in this fantasy land just want the Pilgrims Parties to end.

Dark Lord of Derkholm

Webarchive template wayback links Pages to import images to Wikidata. The magical properties inherent in plain fantasy earth make it a valuable power dakr in Chesney’s world ours! I really enjoyed this book. Retrieved from ” http: An ancient dragon mistakes him for a ruling Dark Lord, takes offense when it learns the commercial truth, and burns Derk so badly that he cannot play Dark Lord or help with other arrangements.

The concept was absurdly brilliant – a fantasy world used as a theme park by Pilgrim Parties that come to live the adventure. Quotes from Dark Lord of Derk While the residents of this fantasy world are supposedly reimbursed from dwrkholm troubles, everyone is miserable and just wants out of the contract binding them to Mr.

Derk is an outcast in the wizard community, a man who prefers to invent interesting new creatures rather than focus on more every day spells such as conjuring feasts and enchantment. But now they’ve had enough: Amazon Kindle 0 editions. Still, because I loved it as a teenager, it holds some fond memories for me. The gods, which Mr. There were a LOT of them, but I didn’t have any trouble keeping them all straight after the first couple of chapters I may be weird in this respect.

As in what if you really could visit a world like the ones in epic fantasy books with wizards, elves, dragons, griffins and an evil dark lord in need of overthrowing? Groups of tourists, called Pilgrim Parties and organized by the cold-hearted profiteer Mr. No ideas in this book is going to blow your mind intellectually, but her ability to make you curious about a loose thread in the plot, hold that curiosity, and then satisfy it later, while keeping all those threads intertwined in ways that feel like they’re actually contributing to the plot or character development, is impressive.


When the Oracles suggest that the mild-mannered wizard Derk, whose skills are mostly in agriculture and breeding magical creatures and who just wants to be left in peace with his family and his garden, should be appointed as Dark Lord for the year, things don’t quite go according to plan.

And the fights must be real. They experience many adventures starting with an easy attack by leathery-winged avians.

This story is for funsies. I would have loved to be in on that action–Mara would have been a natural choice to keep us derkohlm the loop on that plot thread. It has a sequel called Year of the Griffinwhich, in typical Wynne Jones style, is a little disconnected from the original.

Yeesh, you really have drak be reading into things to get that out of the scene. Coupled with that is the fact that there are just so many characters and things going on and it’s hard to follow or to really From what I’d heard, this is meant to be a parody of the tropes of traditional fantasy – and all the tropes do seem to be represented – butas a parody, I expected it to be much funnier than it was.

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The basic set-up is a what if. See all my reviews and more at www. Dark Lord of Derkholm is a comical parody of epic fantasy: