be able to return. Thanks for downloading the brass audition packet. To download, click the links below. If you have questions, contact [email protected] org. The exercises in this packet are designed to help you develop a solid All individual battery auditions will consist of the exercise packet, along with a 2 minute. AUDITION PACKET. Cadets Front Ensemble Audition Packet Introduction Hello, and thank you for your interest in the Cadets Front Ensemble.

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Thank you for the idea though it might work out!! Does your school have an exceptionally strong visual program? That means show titles, repertoire, rehearsal videos, etc. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. My best advice is to keep coming back and show the staff you are committed to everything they ask of you. There also isn’t a visual packet.

A little further out of your way but a great corps environment that will prepare you for your drum corps future: Submit a new text post. We auditioj a few people from California who drive to Utah for Battalion camps and auditions.

Usually the corps will let you return home for graduation if you want, otherwise the school can just mail you the diploma if you don’t want to go. Is there anything you can think of that I could focus on over the next few weeks?

Is it worth it to audition for bluecoats synth without any world class experience? Can anyone give aydition some extra clarification on the Vanguard Cadets brass auditions because the page is frustratingly vague. I recently auditioned for a conductor position in California and didn’t make it to the Corps I wanted to originally.


My question is, would bdb still be really worth it without the tour?

Colt Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps

Packer types of questions belong in the hands of medical professionals and corps staff. No, there isn’t a packet available yet, but you should definitely join the interest group just so you can get an idea on when it happens.

Not quite there yet, but we’re undergoing evaluation!

About what instrument, I would say audition on what you like the best. I never knew this was a problem for me until it came up in my audition packet.

Could anyone going to the Tampa camp for BAC let me know what their visual auditon is, I dont see it in the packet. We had a member from Ohio last year- he sent in videos for each camp and then took a Greyhound to move-ins. You have to have a lot of skills that are, for the most part, learned in at least one year of drum corps.

Auditions Megathread : drumcorps

My score was pretty solid; Let me know if formatting is weird, doing this on mobile Might have to fast-track it just a bit with auditions coming up, but this looks super useful.

I’m currently still learning how to toss 5s, but I still have a few weeks till the audition so hopefully I can get up to at least being able to get out a 6. Heat wave has open spots! They did, and I did okay. Especially set since most set spots are given to one individual. That shows them you are flexible to change, and that is a huge part of drum corps. You can remember it by it is one lot, ‘a lot’.


I’m primarily a trombone player. You don’t have to say it flat out, but show it through your actions and etiquette. Want to add to the discussion?

I just got a contract for being part of the bassline at my local WGI group to get the experience of marching somewhere before auditioning for a corps. Les Titans de Quebec: We’re looking forward to a great season next year, building on the last two! Work on finger dexterity, that is the biggest difference.

If you love bass play bass, remember if you get the contract you’ll be playing that instrument everyday for 2 months. I hope this helps! Feel free to send in video auditions or contact me or any of the other caption heads!

I believe paxket corps use 39s, at least I did this summer but it could be different corps to corps. Could you name a few? I’ve never been to any Nov 1-day camp that had visual auditions. And yeah, I always practice on a I haven’t been able to find out what 7th uses but I’m hoping it’s that. That comes from your approach to your audition. Have a nice day!