”˜How Much Protein’ by Brad Pilon Book Review. Category: Nutrition. One of the questions I get asked regularly is which books I recommend. I usually answer. Has anyone here read the book “How much protein” of Brad Pilon? Analysing MANY studies, Brad suggests that most active people need. How Much Protein has 40 ratings and 4 reviews. Kevin said: Simply excellent book not just dispelling the myths of super high protein dieting but actually.

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The protein powder industry is no worse than the beef, egg or dairy industries! Check it out HERE. I am more interested in finding studies that claim natural bodybuilders need 1 gram or more Does it matter whether you take whey or casein protein?

You’ll save money every single month for the rest of your life. The industry really appreciates it though. Dante rated it it was amazing Mar 26, It also hadpage views, which shows just how big of a topic protein really is in the bodybuilding world.

Brad Pilon – How Much Protein

An in depth look at protein and muscle building science. In the end, protein is important, but as this study shows, 0.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Results 1 to 30 of However many researchers still argue the original much higher amounts suggested by Atwater to be correct.

He would be right OP. I’m not surprised but the two concepts are not mutually exclusive and actually interact together quite nicely. The actual brax it’s literally impossible for protein synthesis to be a marker of muscle growth page 79 A mind-blowing nitrogen balance that baffled even the researchers executing the hoq Naturally they piilon believe me and wanted to see proof, so when I was done writing the rough draft I sent it to them.


I wrote this book so that even someone without a science background could understand everything I reveal. Yet I was discovering that it simply wasn’t.

Instead of having a bowl of pasta for dinner, you add a few meatballs. Tim rated it liked it Sep 09, However since I’m a bodybuilder myself, I realize you’re skeptical. Because after reading “How Much Protein” you’ll be able to Plus, this isn’t your typical, “do this and lose this much weight” kind of book.

In a really interesting study published back in43 men who were experienced weight lifters took part in a study that involved exercise and weekly injections of testosterone enanthate for 10 weeks.

Johannes rated it really liked it Mar 12, mucb You’ll become part of a very exclusive group of “in the know” fitness enthusiasts who want to know everything possible about their bodies.

After all, everyone knows you need to eat a minimum of 30 grams of protein every two to three hours.

Review of Brad Pilon’s How Much Protein

Protrin your activity along with your genetic make-up. Unfortunately, you’ve most likely never heard any of it before, because most people who write about protein have some sort of financial benefit involved. Adam Farhat rated it really liked it Mcuh 15, Your name or email address: Want to Read saving…. You can if you like, however I cannot find a good scientific reason to so far. There is information everywhere stating that you don’t need 1g per lb I’m not going to try and confuse you oilon research jargon you can’t understand.


Kai rated it it bras amazing Jun 12, Will Simpson rated it it was amazing Jan 18, As an example, in scientists generally believed that the energy needed for muscular contraction came from the breakdown of proteins…in other words they thought that the major fuel of muscles was dietary protein we umch not know that muscles used sugars and fats for energy.

Why figuring out your protein needs based on daily calories OR percentage of your bodyweight is a waste of time – and what you need to do instead page 96 The TRUTH about how proteib protein your body can actually absorb page hint – the true answer to this question is NOT what you’ve been hearing all your life! No hoops to jump through, no hassles. As soon as I heard this I realized they understood and knew something about protein and muscle building that I didn’t. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.

Yep, these boys were on steroids for the benefit of science! Brian rated it really liked it Oct 17, Hey guys, Jay back here. Everything I’d ever heard from fitness experts said protein was the key to building muscle, yet my fellow research scientists who’ve spent their entire life studying the scientifically proven effects of protein were suggesting that protein wasn’t all it was hyped up to be.