Blood and Guts in High School: A Novel [Kathy Acker] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kathy Acker was a high-wire writer. She took risks. Buy Blood and Guts in High School by Kathy Acker from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction. Published to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Kathy Acker’s untimely death, Blood and Guts in High School is published for the first time in.

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Yes, noted scholars, authors and critics who form the all seeing literary eye that is the books list, “Why do you hate people who read books? Each contract fell apart when Acker feuded with her editors. Soon after they part company, Janey dies suddenly, leaving time to pass endlessly. Its the very sense of the word intrepid. Honestly, I have no problem with vulgar books, and I don’t shy away from books with pornographic material.

View all 7 comments. Katyy one sense, Blood and Guts chronicles the years she spent with Peter Gordon.

She’s also never really given many choices. I have no idea what I just read. Janey gutx seen, beaten, fucked, talked to as an adult, as a slave who has neither age nor identity.

Jun 04, Jamie rated it really liked it Shelves: This gets five stars from me, despite its flaws, simply because of the highly impressive range of techniques on display. Gutd fact, it felt a bkood lot like all the shit I woke up at 5pm and read that I wrote on a youthful rebellious cocaine binge when I was about 19 years old. According to Hawkins, Acker is motivated by two discourses: She walked back into her father’s and her apartment. The novel uses typographical attack weapons enormous fonts!

In the arts, and particularly literature, we still moan and groan at experiment. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. She didn’t know what to do with her hateful tormented mind.

Blood and Guts in High School

By far the strangest, most disturbing book I’ve ever read. In between blowing both of them off. Most likely, the disturbance of their final separation prompted Acker to arrange this collection of outtakes and unpublished writings into a disjunctive but emotionally continuous work.


I thought that people today, when they move move only by car, train, boat, or plane and so move only on roads. I’m giving this book one star because I can’t give it half a star and because if I gave it no stars then that would imply a state of unratedness which might lead people to erroneously conclude at first glance that I loved it so much I felt there were not enough stars available or that I was too lazy or forgetful to apply any stars at all. The guy can’t stand the pressure of a long-term relationship, he needs his space and Janey is preventing him from being himself.

I had a really tough time with this one, I could finish it. A second of time. Oct 28, Fabian rated it really liked it. I won’t claim to catch more than a fraction of the references here, Acker being better-read by age 30 than I, it seems, but that’s just fine, this offers plenty regardless, and I’ll be happy to keep this in the back of my mind as I discover the sources for years to come.

Acker has portrayed an odd and often grotesque intersection of nightmare and fantasy in which the worst nightmare often is the realization of fantasy. Kathy Acker was the most intentional of writers, but paradoxically, while Blood and Guts propelled her mids commercial breakthrough, it was her least intended work.

Kathy Acker’s Blood and Guts in High School

See 1 question about Blood and Guts in High School…. The Blood and Guts manuscript was read and tentatively scheduled for publication three times between and I walked along a highway. Books by Kathy Acker. If you’re still reading, let me point out a few more things that seem to be conveniently overlooked by most ‘serious’ reviewers though I wonder whether they have ever read the novel before trashing it. Her kxthy circulated feverishly in self-published or small-press editions throughout the U.

At current, it doesn’t rank as something I’d be that interested in though at the time it blew my mind but her style, her ruthlessness, the raw sexuality, the insanity and craziness of her books this one in particular her daring to use and abuse language really liberated my creative process.


It’s quite comfortable to call it garbage and pretend not to see what it actually is; the outrageous contents are better dealt with if we deny the meaning and depth of the outrage. To be honest, I didn’t understand how a lot of it fit together, and that’s because I really didn’t care to. I don’t have anywhere to run.

Thank God for Blood and Kathj in High School –the only young adult novel that tells it like it really is.

If I could ever support the horror that is book burningit could done with this book. Whatever it is, it’s better than what we are now. Jul 14, Scott rated it did not like it.

Kathy gave her a large drawing that my mom had framed. Without language the only people the rebels can kill are themselves.

It’s also a heartrending, often poetic celebration of its potential: But this ackdr does test my limits as a reader. I’m 34 n Here’s a polarizing one, huh? Your rage at age 14 was not misplaced and your should never let those flames get sanded over because they have never never stopped being real.

But all this summarizing is misleading; Blood and Guts in High School operates mainly as a trampoline to bounce off different experimental techniques in heavy debt to William S. I’m glad I worked up to this via Acker’s first two published novels, which were messy acer serially enjoyable, because thye underscore all her techniques while also revealing how elegantly arranged and plotted this one is. Did I do something wrong?

The speech of the abused is built from abused language, and its brokenness is its strength.