BRMS is IBM’s Strategic Backup Management Product for the iSeries. .. User ID’s and passwords must be assigned by a TSM Administrator prior to the iSeries users must have TSM administrators manually register the node name and. BRMS Commands. Uploaded by Tiffany Wright. this is a manual to know all the command in the BRMS tool which used for . AS Daily Admin Commands. Using IBM’s Backup Media and Recovery Services (BRMS) 5 — SC ) (PDF); Manual: Backup, Recovery, and Media Services for iSeries (PDF).

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This is NOT the definition of a backup that I was expecting. Ask your TSM admin to see “help delete filespace”. I had my TSM person do the adin as requested and “sanitized’ the output. We finally had a consultant set it up for us during our latest hardware upgrade. After several weeks the nodes were renamed and backups were completing normally. June 27th, My opinion is she doesn’t know how to look at it in the right way, but since I don’t know how either, I can’t prove it or offer any helpful suggestions.

Please help support our sponsors by considering their products and services. I have tested as recently as yesterday that a library on each partition can be backed up and restored successfully, so as far as I can tell, everything is currently working. This should brks done via the BRMS add-on. Markfv Newcomer Nov 4, You must log in or register to reply here.

BRMS and Tape Management – Code -The Support Alternative

In fixing the backup issue, all of the backups from all partitions were going to a single node on the pSeries rather than to the node named for the partition.


Other please comement Votes: Search in titles only Search in Iseries System administration only Search. BRMS and Tape Management I’m currently in the middle of trying as400 decide which process is best for backup and recover. ISP or something else? We can show our appreciation by learning more about Tectrade Solutions. You must use link below to receive the credit.

She is using a gui to look, are there any command manuall commands which would show more detailed backup information? I would say the latter. This is how, after you perform the backup using BRMS, run the BRMS maintenance, then it will give you the step by step on performing restore on your old AS come with the step by step and Command line too Answer to your first question above 1.

What I am looking for is who has practical experience in this to tell me IBM is correct or full of it. June 29th, Let me see if I still have the old notes. BRMS gives us errors. Forum statistics Threads 31, MessagesMembers 21, Latest member carlosro.

Scheduling a Restricted Save Using BRMS

Let’s be formal and just say Spectrum Protect Votes: Can someone give me some direction as to how to access the old data not needed — yet and how to expire the tapes on the TSM side? No need no need This will tell BRMS to check the media policy “PolicyName” which you have defined earlier, this policy will tell BRMS the retention period for the tapes, which set of tapes to use and all that fun stuff. It has been a while since I touched an AS node. They couldn’t get it to work any other way.

  ISO 18064 PDF

Hope it helps Br, Union They support this free flow of information and knowledge exchange ad,in at no cost to you. August 12th, My TSM admin tells me she can’t see any details, just a big files space. Long story severely shortened. I suggest that you contact IBM prior to doing this just to make sure that this method can safely be used in you environment. Our sponsors enable us to serve you with this high-speed Internet connection zdmin fast webservers you are currently using at ADSM. Daily backups were set to expire after 31 days.

August 13th, What’s new New posts.

I realize you are still setting this up but I’m interested in opinions of which method is better from everone out there. Due to a networking issue, the IP address of the pSeries was changed by our network mananger he forgot to mention it to us and our backups failed for several days before we figured it manuql.

Well this would not work as is. Violators may be banned from this website.

There are movement policies that describe what to do with a tape after it is used, the media policy, movement policy, media classes etc are all connected through BRMS. Click the link above to access ADSM.

I actually want to know how to decide to which location in the target logical library the tape is to be moved.? While doing the restore or taking the backup,what is the device name which I have to give