CORYDON. by Andre Gide With a comment on the second dialogue in. CORYDON by FRANK BEACH, Department of Psychology, Yale University. NEW YORK. The famous dialogues, in which Gide defends homosexuality to the point of making it a civic virtue, now appearing in English for the first time. My friends insist that this little book is of the kind which will do me the greatest harm, Gide wrote of his Corydon. In these pages, contemporary readers will find a.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. His political activity is informed by and same ethos, as suggested by his repudiation of communism after his voyage to the USSR. I am glad that I read this. I am trying to explain why they exist.

In these pages, contemporary readers will find a prescient and courageous treatment of a topic that has scarcely become less controversial.

University of Illinois Press Amazon. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. His great works, “The Immoralist” and “The Counterfeiters” puts that accusation immediately to rest. In your heart of hearts you know perfectly well that the censure heaped on you is entirely deserved; you protest so eloquently in whispers, but when it comes to speaking up, you give in.

Corydon., by André Gide | The Online Books Page

His argument from the arts is, more than anything, merely a claim that since many important artists have been homosexual, then periods of great artistic achievement are somehow spawned by periods of high homosexual activity he cites Golden Age Greece and Elizabethan England as prime examples. I do want to make a note on Gide’s use of the word “pederast”, which seems to confuse some reviewers.

Retrieved from ” https: The book that shaped my life to the very inch. It doesn’t have the same meaning as our word “pedophile”, which denotes an attraction to very young children who have not entered puberty. He is also a translator and published more than translations from the French.


Feb 09, Josephine biblioseph marked it as to-not-read.

Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Of interest are his comments on Proust–his explanation of why Charlus is such a superior creation than Albertine.

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Dialogue Three and Four focuses on humans, and in particular the arts, humanities, and customs of humans. Gide makes a truly troubling slip at the very end of the final dialogu Some of the dialogues are more interesting and effective than others the first is the best, and I can see why his friends aandr him to stop while he was “ahead”and the overall piece is certainly outdated; still, and unfortunately, much of the argument made here remains relevant.

He resigned when the journal passed into the hands of the collaborationists.

Corydon offers sets of arguments for his assertions from each of the above mentioned fields. Anastasia Ilford rated it really liked it Sep 10, To write this exquisite dialogue pro homosexuality; The way he uses arguments from the fields of biology, philosophy, history in order to point out the liquidity of the sexual instinct and the force of social imperative that leads to the delusion of its certainty.

Gide makes a truly troubling slip at the very end of the final dialogue, but perhaps that was unavoidable given the time. Parts of the text were separately privately printed from toand the whole book appeared in its French original in France in May and in the United States in What he’s talking about is a relationship between a man in his twenties or thirties and a boy in his teens. Joe Nava rated it it was ok Sep 12, As a young man, he was an ardent member of the symbolist group, but the style of his later work is more in the tradition of classicism.

Additionally, all of the prefaces written by Gide are maintained, providing greater context for the actual four dialogues.


gise And amusing that Gide feels offended when accused of not making his homosexuality explicit soon enough. What I find fascinating is that this piece, written ca.


Hayley Windbigler rated it it was ok Dec 20, Corydon, in his argument, is simply asking for the same rules to apply to boys. I did like the counterfeiters a lot. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Published July 18th by University of Illinois Press first published Anyone who reads my book essays knows that I like picking up books from used book shops, antique stores, and other such places.

The issue regarding my reviewing this book is that some sections, as usual with my reading a french text, slip by me. Gide poses a number of questions our cultural and moral arbiters still refuse to engage with, namely a self-righteous tendency to deem non-normative behaviors as immoral excusing the tenuous and relativistic existence of norms in the first place. Selected pages Title Page. To ask other readers questions about Corydonplease sign up.

The result is four dialogues, which not only defend gay men, but also condemn gay men from hiding and refusing to be open about their homosexuality. Gide also doesn’t do much for me in general, which is why having to read so much of him for my thesis is a drag.

Corydon – AndrĂ© Gide – Google Books

They didn’t have the word teenager then; the concept had yet to be invented. This is also an excellent example of the political, social, anfr, and philosophical arguments surrounding homosexuality in the earlys.

Gide’s reflections on life and literature are contained in his Journalswhich span the years Two old friends argue about homosexuality, Corydon in defense.