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I am not even American, but even I felt terrorized and traumatized in the aftermath!

American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld – review – Telegraph

At that point, I feel the book lost some of its magic for me. Sittenfeld gives so much insight into Alice Blackwell, and when you, as the reader, understand in such a close and detailed way wha This is one of the most thought-provoking and absorbing books I have read in a while.

To ask other readers questions about American Wifeplease sign up. I’ve always enjoyed historical fiction. Preview amerifan American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld. For a book to be written about an actual First Chrtis, a human being curtus to the same dignity we all deserve and a woman who most of America holds in high regard even the author herself admits that she’s fascinated by herand to speculate about private things like her sexuality, her commitment to her sittendeld, an abortion and drug use, and dress it up as fiction to avoid being charged with slander and libel seems cowardly.

That isn’t to say she doesn’t get married. An American Wife proved to be a refreshingly modern rendition of a classic American coming of age.


In bed with Dubya

On reading some of the bad reviews “here” as well as “there” I wonder whether people are allowing their antipathy for the Bush administration to color their opinions.

What should she do when her private beliefs run against her public persona? Contradictions—within a country, within a family, within ourselves—are inevitable. Now, when I pick this book back up, despite the roaringly good head start I had with it, every time the male central character has dialogue, I am tortured by hearing it as the weaselly George Bush would say it.

American Wife

Aug 30, Lisa rated it it was amazing. This present-day drama, in which Alice jets between time zones attempting to stall the threatened exposure while also confronting a protester against her husband’s catastrophic war, is the least persuasive part of the novel. The writing style of the book is well done and while it’s not breaking any new ground, the voice of Alice still feels fresh, authentic and real.

Return to Book Page. But I guess that’s the point–not everything she’ll say and think is going to be consistent, especially with what Charlie believes. The mix of truth and fiction grabs your attention and throttles up the curiosity factor.

I have to say, based on the beginning, I’d say that full scale embrace of the book by reviewers would not bother me.

With the exception of a few well-established facts e. My only knocks on the book are that there’s a sub-plot that came across as soap opera-ish compared to the low key siytenfeld of Alice telling her story.

American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld

Sittenfeld does an extraordinary job bringing Charlie and Alice to life in all their glory, warts and all. On the surface her work is unassuming: I was wrong, but not at all disappointed. She is an only child who lives with her mother, father, and grandmother.


From it’s charged release during last year’s Republican National Convention, the book has been criticized by many, mostly Republicans, as being salacious and untrue – two charges Sittenfeld herself agrees with. As it turns out, it was a pretty good book, at least the first three quarters.

This book with the characters of Alice and Charlie was her fictional response to that question, and like most good fiction, it probably has more truth to it than any non-fiction book written.

But it raises some intriguing ideas. God damn book club books For the greater part of the book, I was not disappointed.

More from the web. Alice Blackwell is the kind of character you wish were real.

Alice Blackwell, Sittenfeld’s Laura alter-ego, is likable and moral; the challenge for a novelist is to explain how this woman could have fallen for a man like Charlie Blackwell George W right down to his ‘flaring nostrils’ and stayed with him.

Alice repeatedly asks herself these same questions in a narrative bracketed by scenes in the presidential bedroom on a day when sittsnfeld has done something unprecedented in her marriage: