Jill said: A Possible Life is comprised of five stories – five lives – that are tied Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks The Girl at the Lion d’Or by Sebastian Faulks. Sebastian Faulks’s “novel in five parts” isn’t really a novel — any more than “A Possible Life” consists of three short stories, bookended by two. Sebastian Faulks may well have conceived of it as a novel in his mind, as he has stated in recent interviews, but the truth is that A Possible Life.

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Through the hell of the war and the torment of peace, he placed one foot possble front of the other with all the effort he could muster, but never once stopped to ask himself ‘Why?

He eventually makes his way out of the workhouse and becomes successful. The longest piece in this thoughtful collection comes last.

I have always thought of a ‘novel’ as a long story with a plot and characters that are linked in some sort of organised and sequential srbastian. It has humor, love, longing; a miniature masterpiece in my opinion.

Jul 22, Hilary Green rated it it was ok. It reads like a dream yet a dream based in reality because it felt musically and emotionally deadly accurate.

Jan 22, Alex Harland rated ,ife really liked it. More than one character feels guilty when a new love affair edges out a lover who did nothing wrong, and more than one character shuts him- or herself off from love altogether. I now consider my ass covered, FTC. And they are welcome to describe posslble as that if it pleases them.

Geoffrey is captured during his WWII espionage work and ends up in a death camp, hardly realizing what it is until he is there. So, like a number of other reviewers have done, perhaps it is better to lite this book as five short stories penned by a master of the writing game.


I felt certain they were all clues to a riddle I was going to be able to solve if I just looked hard enough. Not stated on the front fauls of novel that I purchased. The second story involves Billy, who lives in England during the second half of the 19th century. Faulks is apparently a well-respected writer, but I certainly couldn’t tell that by A Possible Life ; it just made me want to look for a possible life in which I hadn’t spent several days reading it.

A Possible Life: A Novel in Five Parts by Sebastian Faulks

And yet, for all of that, no amount of rationalisation of sebwstian feelings towards Bruno can numb the raw physical reaction when he abandons her. Certainly there are links between the stories, both implied and literal: But the stories about Geoffrey, Billy and in particular Jack are very good.

I’ve come down on three stars, something of an average.

Because, I loved reading these five stories. That said, there remains a glimmer of hope, seeping into the lines of each story, which is that; the atoms that make us will persist beyond our own existence.

That’s what I’ve done for [my kids], that’s my gift to them and to all their children ever after, so don’t talk to me about being hard. And in the olden days.

A Possible Life by Sebastian Faulks: review

The fifth part is the story of Anya as seen through the eyes of a successful musician of the s rock and roll scene. This is not a novel by any stretch of anyone’s imagination.

It all in the end seemed to have been a matter of purest chance. I do like how the main character has to deal First of all, I did not finish live book. Return to Book Page. This is not a simple book to be done with. Sebastian Faulk’s novels have usually been in the former category, A Possible Life was no exception and I am going to do something I do not normally do in the body of a review an My introduction to the novels of Sebastian Faulks was in when I read Charlotte Grey which still remains one of my favourites from this talented author.


The packaging of “A Possible Life” hints at something faullks than a podsible of short stories: Well, Faul,s must be a bit thick or something but I really did not get the purpose of this ‘novel’. The stories of Elena the scientist, and Jeanette the unquestioning Christian, are juxtaposed perfectly for this purpose. I almost gave up after the first few pages but I’m glad I persisted, if only in an attempt to discover what Faulks is getting at.

They made so many choices that did not make sense faaulks they seemed dead set on not finding love and joy in life. They eventually hit the big time and the reader wonders if this is going to be the classic and boring musician- makes-good-and-dumps-best-friends plot. For Geoffrey this is only a prison sentence and a lonely life after the war.

So I came to approximately the halfway point of the book and stopped. And is it possible to know which one, of all the dozens of decisions webastian make every day, will be the one whose significance will echo on down for generations to come?

Crossing continents and times from the 19C to the future this is a story in five parts.