A Case for Amillennialism has ratings and 71 reviews. Brent said: An excellent and timely book, as the second edition/printing was just released last. What does the Bible actually tell us about the end times, and how has the church traditionally understood it? In a clear and accessible manner. Products; A Case for Amillennialism, Expanded Edition: Understanding the End Times. A Case for Amillennialism, Expanded Edition: Understanding the End.

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Quotes from A Case for Amille Riddlebarger does a great job at the beginning of arguing for covenant theology as opposed to dispensationalism. Although accurately titled as a case for amillennialism, this book is also written as a case against premillennialism.

Trivia About A Case for Amille If you are premillennial A succinct and helpful introduction to what Riddlebarger argues is the ‘Historic Reformed Protestant’ understanding of the millennial reign of Christ understanring Revelation 20 Amillennialism. Want to Read saving….

Kim Riddlebarger makes a really good case for Amillennialism while not mis-characterising other positions, so it’s nice to read a work that doesn’t construct straw tthe. This is an excellent book for the way it handles dispensationalism and premillennialism.

His arguments are very, very good and very convincing. Also quite disappointing, considering this book is often put forth as the best defense for amillennialism. A Case for Amillennialism – Understanding the End. Agreed with most of the stuff he said except a few small things, like the interpretation of Matthew His hermeneutical approach is using scripture to interpret scripture.

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Sermons on the Book of Job pdf.

Riddleblog – A Case for Amillennialism – Understanding the End

He also does a good job of summarizing opposing views and what their hypothetical rebuttals would This work by Dr. Sermons on the Gospel of John. I listened to certain chapters more than once.

Riddlebarger admits he considered postmillennialism in college but could not reconcile it with all the evil he sees on every side in the modern world. A clear and concise study of the views of eschatology. Whether or not you agree with his analysis, this work provides an honest and clear explanation of amillenialism.

A Case for Amillennialism

But in this book the author does something that really hits at the main issue of the end times debate. I was most interested to see how he explains Daniel’s 70 weeks. Johnston, and Darrell L. How do you interpret the understznding Kim Riddlebarger To order from Christianbook.

A Case for Amillennialism: Understanding the End Times – DTS Voice

Book reviews are published online and in print every quarter in Bibliotheca Sacra. Jul 27, James Ruley rated it it was amazing Shelves: So when YOU see the abomination that causes desolation.

Overall, quite pleased with this read. Riddlebarger does an exception job of not only explaining why other esc A very clear explanation of all of the broad categories of eschatology, going through the reasoning behind each of the view points, using scriptural backing, and explaining potential problems that arise from each interpretation.

Sermons on Paul’s Epistle to amillenniallsm Romans pdf. To support his equation of Israel and the church, the author quotes Anthony Hoekema, who points out that the same word is used for Israel and the church lh;q; in the Old Testament and ejkklhsiva in the New Testament and the Septuagint; p.


Riddlebarger wants to be an optimistic amillennialist “as regards the kingdom”, yet still holds the New Testament anticipates “Christ’s direct intervention to a wicked udnerstanding unbelieving world like in the days of Noah Matt. The author presents a compelling case for millennialism as adhering to a literal reading of Scriptures allowing the New Testament to interpret the Old Testamenta Christ-centered hermeneutic, and an emphasis on the Kingdom of God in this current age.

A Case for Amillennialism: Understanding the End Times

Jesus has not called us to speculate about his coming. A Case for Amillennialism — Expanded Edition Recognizing that the study of future things is a cawe and controversial subject, Riddlebarger provides definitions of key terms and a helpful overview of various viewpoints. This seems to me profoundly backwards.

For free ghe on this subject visit his blog, The Riddleblog, where he has a plethora of free charts, manuscripts and audio. As much as I appreciate the effort, it makes no sense to be optimistic about God’s kingdom and simultaneously believe the kingdoms of this world will surround and beat it This is an excellent book for the way it handles dispensationalism and premillennialism.