2SC datasheet, 2SC circuit, 2SC data sheet: SAVANTIC РSilicon NPN Power Transistors,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for. SavantIC SemiconductorProduct SpecificationSilicon NPN Power Transistors2SCDESCRIPTION·With TOF package·High collector- emitter voltage. 2SC Silicon NPN Power Transistors. DESCRIPTION With TO package High collector-emitter voltage: VCEO=V High frequency:fT=40MHz(Min).

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Well, as you can somwwhat see in the image, there are other components on it, it’s a neckboard. They don’t look damaged themselves, but the heatsinks attached are crappy clip on types that aren’t very big, which I would reason to be the cause since datasheett of a PCB indicates overheating.

Modification Modifying an electronic circuit ratasheet product at component level. Have you considerred that maybe it’s a mistake? I mean, you do have the part in question right in front of you. That’s why I asked about mouting a fan in the area to blow over the heatsinks once I repair this. Definitely put good heatsinks on, and use thermal grease.

The current heatsinks aren’t connected to anything but the tab. Aren’t there forums dedicated to this stuff. First, check out our list of national and global suppliers.

But the only damaged parts appear to be the transistors. As you can see by the image, they say 2ec1507 C Even if you have to pay for a house call it would be better than damaging your Gauntlet machine beyond repair by dicking around with it speaking from experience, having broken way too much stuff when I should have called an expert.


2SCY – Fairchild Semiconductor – Hot Offers | Heisener Electronics

The only fans in the machine are on the PC PSU, and then one 80mm blowing over an area of the game board and another blowing over the 3Dfx card attached dwtasheet the game board. Construction Physically implementing a design e. Need some info on making repairs to an arcade machine CRT’s electronics. Buying and general tech.

However in my experience the selection of these third party sites isn’t always great, and the slightly more time consuming manual way is often much better.

Maybe it’s the tube that’s burning out the board? AskElectronics subscribe unsubscribe 44, readers users here now A subreddit for practical electronic engineering questions: Mon May 11, I know fuckall about the properties of transistors Looks like you are in the same condition with regard to reading. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

I’m trying to fix this to sell it. We cover designing or repairing solar-related electronic circuits control and management systems.

That’s what he said they would. Meta Related to this subreddit. Further digging around netted me a parts list for a neckboard of the same type PK vs I. I honestly think the crappy heatsinks that it came with have the most to do with it. Solar Ask here if designing or repairing your own electronic control circuits. For domestic electrical stuff, try: No thermal grease, not secured, just clipped on datasheeg of cheap metal.

So I’m working on a Gauntlet Legends machine in which the red has gone, and only blue and green work. Ask the mods before posting.


2SC1507 Datasheet

Not what they say. Just solder some jumper wires between points on the same trace on opposite sides of the damage. Mon May 11, 6: If you say so. Log in or sign up in seconds. Tue May 12, 6: Home audio repairs especially for datqsheet gear: So I guess I could just remove the lifted traces and solder a small wire from the one component into the appropriate leg of the transistor.

You can also add a flair tag for your username with your area of expertise by clicking on the “edit” button at the top.

2SC datasheet(1/3 Pages) SAVANTIC | Silicon NPN Power Transistors

Does anyone have a preferred site for cross referencing old transistors? Google easily tells you everything you need. Electrical wiring home, industrial: Mon May 11, 7: If it were dual-layer, you’d need to do the same on the other side, and multi-layer, forget it. No generic ‘which is best’ and ‘where to buy’-type questions please. Go to the page of whatever you’re trying to replace: Identifying an electronic component in an electronic assembly. Submit a new text post. Now to be honest, I hadn’t thought about the heat of the tube having an effect on the transistors’ heatsinks doing their jobs, but there’s enough room above that I don’t think it’s the primary problem.

Fixing a commercial product.